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        Products >> Forged Steel Flange >> Threaded Flange
        Threaded Flanges
        Threaded Flange
        Threaded Flange
        Threaded Flange
        Stainless Steel Threaded Flange
        Carbon Steel Threaded Flange
        Alloy Steel Threaded Flange
        Product Description

        Item: Threaded Flange
        Specification: NPS1/2"-NPS24"
        Norminal Pressure: Class150~Class2500
        Material:A105,20#,Q235,16Mn, 304,304L,316,316L ect.
        Standard: ANSI B16.5 ect.

        The threaded flange is also similar to the slip-on flange. The only difference is that the bore is threaded. Threaded flange is also called screwed flange. The major advantage of threaded flange is that they are used for special circumstances and threaded flange can be attached to the pipe without welding. Threaded flange is more used in low pressure services at ordinary temperatures and in highly volatile areas where welding is hazardous.
        Sometimes a seal weld is also used in conjunction with the threaded connection.This special type of threaded flange is often used for high pressure and smaller diameter applications. Normally, Threaded flange can't be made in larger diameter. Because the larger the flange is, the harder the thread-machining will be. Threaded flanges are not a good choice for a system that has a high level of torque. Tongyang provides these thread flanges in stainless steel, Carbon steel and alloy steel.
        Tongyang is committed to providing high quality flanges and service with on–time shipments to customer. Our products are mainly for Petroleum, natural gas, petrochemical, shipbuilding, Power generation, pulp and paper industries. Tongyang Flanges are produced strictly in accordance with the international standard of ASME/ANSI, BS, DIN, UNI, ISO and specifications. We do many specials and will help you design and specify the flange that best fits your needs.

        TEL: 86-021-36304062 FAX: 86-021-36304052 E-mail: info@tongyangpipe.com
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        Address: Xinzhuang Industry Zone ,Shanghai, China
        Threaded Flange
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