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        Products >> Forged Steel Flange >> Slip-on Flange
        Slip-on Flange
        Slip-on Flange
        Slip-on Flange
        Slip-on Flange
        Slip-on Flange
        Stainless Steel Slip-on Flange
        Carbon Steel Slip-on Flange
        Slip-on Flange
        Product Description

        Item: Slip-on Flange
        Specification: NPS1/2"-NPS24"
        Norminal Pressure: Class150~Class1500
        Material:A105,20#,Q235,16Mn, 304,304L,316,316L ect.
        Standard: ANSI B16.5,EN1092-1 ect.

        Slip-on flange has a hub and slips onto the pipe before welding.Slip-on flange is connected onto pipe line or equipment by welding. Which is carried out on the inside and outside to provide sufficient strength and prevent leakage. The bore of Slip-on flange is slightly larger than the OD of the matching pipe to allow for the welds to hold. Normally, Slip-on flange are much more preferred by customer than weld neck flange because of easy installation.
        Slip-On Flange are the most common type of flanges used in the industry and are ideal flange for lower pressure applications. You do not have to specify the pipe schedule when using slip-on flange because its inside diameter is determined by the outside diameter of the pipe. The outside diameter of the pipe does not change for the different schedules. So This often makes it easier to stock Slip-on flanges for manufacturers. Supplier or buyer also like the fact that slip-on flange are slightly easier to align and pack than weld neck flanges. Slip-on flange are slightly easier to cut pipe to the proper length for. Slip-on flange also can be used for high temperature and pressure applications but normally are not recommended as compared to other types of flanges. ASME B16.5 Code limits their usage in the 1500#-2500# (lbs.) The four most common types of facings for slip-on flange are raised face (most common), flat face, Tenon & groove face and ring type joint (RTJ) face. Normally Tongyang offers these slip-on flanges in stainless steel, Carbon steel and alloy steel. For larger diameter slip-on flanges, Tongyang can make it in series A and B according to ANSI B 16.47.
        Tongyang is committed to providing high quality flanges and service with on–time shipments to customer. Our products are mainly for Petroleum, natural gas, petrochemical, shipbuilding, Power generation, pulp and paper industries. Tongyang Flanges are produced strictly in accordance with the international standard of ASME/ANSI, BS, DIN, UNI, ISO and specifications. We do many specials and will help you design and specify the flange that best fits your needs.

        TEL: 86-021-36304062 FAX: 86-021-36304052 E-mail: info@tongyangpipe.com
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        Address: Xinzhuang Industry Zone ,Shanghai,China
        Slip-on Flange
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