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        Products >> Steel Insulating Joints >> Insulating Flange
        Insulating Flange
        Insulating Flange
        Insulating Flange

          Insulating Flange is a joint name of pipe flanges which possess sealing performance required by buried steel pipe and electric- Insulating performace required by Electric corrosive-proof project . It consist of a pair of steel flange , insulating & sealing fittings between two flange, flange fastening and parts of fastening as well as a pair of steel short pipes which have already been welded on the two flanges.Insulating flange and joint are what we have been providing for petrolium and chemical industry for many years .Featured with simple structure , safety and reliable performance , they are highly speaked among customers . Now the insulating flange have form its series . We can also produce according to customers design when there are special situations


           Insulating flange is mainly used in gas transferring line and equipment of gas adjusting , gauging and storage. It’s major function is to insulate each sect of gas transferring line and insulating between equipment and pipe line to prevent them from being eroded and prelong their life-span . It accords with SY/T0516-1997 standard.(Technical stipulation of Insulating flange design).
           Insulating flange is classified in to Specific Pressure seal insulating flange ( I Insulating flange) and Self-tightening seal insulating flange .( II Insulating flange ) according to difference of insulating sealing.
        1.Possess sealing performance required by buried steel pipe
        2.Can work under the temperature and pressure demanded by transferring medium for long time reliablely , With enough intensity and sealing performance
        3.Reasonbale structure, assembling and disassemble conveniently
        Technical parameter
        1.Medium : Natural Gas , Coal gas , Hydrolic petrolium gas and light oil, ect.
        2.Medium Temperature : -10~+85℃.
        3.Environment Temperature: -20~+100℃.
        4.Insulating electric resistance : ≥200Ω
        5.Safe Voltage: ≥3.5kv AC 50Hz (1 minute) (Can be 5kv as per request)
        7.Specification : DN15~DN3200 (1"~128")

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        Insulating Flange
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