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        Products >> Hydraulic Connector >> Flare Fittings
        Flare Fittings
        Flare End straight pipe joints

        Flare straight-pipe joints
        Flare straight-tube manometer joints
        Flare next door-through-tube joints

        Flare End rectangular tubular joints
        Flare rectangular pipe-joints
        Flare cone-rectangular tube threaded joints

        Flare next door-rectangular tubular joints
        Flare joint-Tee
        Flare cone screw terminal connectors Tee

        Flare Nut

        Item : Flare Fittings
        Nominal Pressure : 10MPa~63Mpa
        Outer Diameter : Φ4-Φ42mm
        Medium: Corrosive and non-corrosive subject such as Oil, Water , Gas ect.
        Material: 20#,A105,304,304L,316,316L ect.
        Theading Type: NPT,PT,BSP,BSPT,ZG,G,R ect.
        Application: Petrochemicals, Hydraulic piping project, Gas ,Power plant ,Pharmacy,Ship-building and Apparatus & Instrument
        Characteristics: tight and reliable connection,High anti–pressure ,good sealing performace, easy set-up & inspection and safety during work .

        TEL: 86-021-36304062 FAX: 86-021-36304052 E-mail: info@tongyangpipe.com
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        Address: Xinzhuang Industry Zone ,Shanghai, China
        Flare Fittings
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