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        Products >> Forged Steel Outlet >> Outlet
        Outlet is classified in two following types according to different way of connections:
        Socket Welded Outlet
        Threaded Outlet
                Outlet is widely used at home and abroad. This reinforced Pipe fittings which used for pipe connection replace the Reducer ,Reinforced plate and reinforced pipes which are traditionally used . Its major features are : Safe & reliability ,Cost-reduced, Easy –handling , improve medium flow , Standardized series and convenience in design and choice. This Outlet,which replace the traditional connecting way , is especially more and more widely used under high pressure & temperature and in flare and thick-wall pipes . The material used are of high quality forging which is the same material of pipe fittings. Besides , We have different other material for customer’s choice ,such as : Carbon steel , Alloy steel and Stainless steel . Both Outlet and main pipe are connected though Welded . Outlet and other branch pipe (such as short pipe and plug ), Volves and instrument can be connected in many different ways such as : Welded ,Socket and Threaded ect.
                Outlet are classified into Standard , Nipolet, Latrolet and Elbolet as in following chart.
        Connected type
        GB/T 19326 Socket Welded
        GB/T 19326 Pipe thread
        GB/T 19326 Butt-welded
        SOL (MSS SP-97)
        TOL (MSS SP-97)
        WOL (MSS SP-97)
        SNL (Q/FG/14)
        TNL (Q/FG14,SHB-PO1)
        WNL (Q/FG14)
          (45o) Latrolet
        SEL (Q/FG/15)
        TLL (Q/FG15,SHB-PO1)
        WLL (Q/FG15)
          (1.5D) Elbolet
        TEL (Q/FG16,SHB-PO1)
        WEL (Q/FG16)
                Above listed Outlet are under British System. We can also produce it under Metric system except threading type. Please kindly provide the following information when ordering :
        1. Outlet Type and connecting type
        2.Branch Pipe and its Nominal Diameter (please mark the outer diameter if require Metric system )
        3.Branch pipe and pipe wall-thickness (Please mark wall thickness if require Metric system )
        4.Threading Code ( only refer to threaded connecting type )
        5.Height (Only refer to Nipolet
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